Chinese Painting Brush!Paint!Xuan Paper!How comes a brush can draw a picture blew?
These brushes or "Brush pens" as they are called, can do amazing things when in the hands of a skillful writer. The artisans carefully choose different animal hair, such as wolf or horse hair, to craft the perfect brush tip. All the hairs are tied together so that they taper to a point, and then fastened to the end of a culm, usually a bamboo reed. The hairs of the tip can hold enough ink to allow for line variations within a single stroke.

1. To learn about the tools of Chinese painting;
2. To learn about the styles of Chinese painting;
3.  To practice painting with the professional teacher;
4. Meeting new people during the event and enjoy yourself.

Chinese painting courses

Members:   more than 3
Fee:      150 RMB per person
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