Chinese Company Training Program

Meet your needs
As an experienced provider of corporate Chinese training in Shanghai we understand the nature of the quality and professionalism demanded by companies and individuals.
At Company Office
We understand that your time is valuable, so if it is more convenient, we are happy to send a trainer to your company or other suitable venue to deliver a course. In this way, you can save your time and learn Chinese more efficiently.

One on One Course
Besides group course for the staff, we also have exclusive modular one-to-one Chinese course which is the top-notch course in our school. It is designed for busy professionals needing to improve their Chinese in a time and cost efficient way.
Our Teachers
All of our teachers are highly experienced in the field of Chinese language teaching. Many of them have a business background. So they have a genuine understanding of some of the issues that you face in your day to day work and can provide outstanding business Chinese lessons.

Company Training Service Process

Successful Cases:

 Finchi,Lotte, Samsung, Micsoft, GM, Worleypason and More
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