China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is the standardized national test used to determine the fluency of non-native speakers in Chinese and is used by all Chinese universities to assess the enrolment of foreign students and by a number of Chinese companies looking for foreign workers.

 HSK Level
 Six  Levels
New HSK Vocabulary Requirement Price
HSK Level 1 150 150RMB
HSK Level 2 300 250RMB
HSK Level 3 600 350 RMB
HSK Level 4 1200 450 RMB
HSK Level 5 2500 550 RMB
HSK Level 6 over 5,000 650 RMB

 HSK Test in 2014

Test Dates Deadline for Registration Date of Result Announced
Paper-based Test Internet-based Test
11th Jan Sat 15th Dec.2013 2nd Jan 11th Feb
16rd Feb Sun 17th Jan 6th Feb(China) 16th Mar
16th Mar Sun 25th Feb 14th Mar 24th Apr
12th Apr Sat 24th Mar 10th Apr 20th May
10th May Sun 15th Apr 2nd May 12th Jun
14th Jun Sun 20th May 6th Jun 16th Jul
13st Jul Sun 24th Jun 11th Jul 21st Aug
17th Sep Sat 11th Aug 28th Aug 8th Oct
11th Oct Sun 14rd Sep 30th Sep 20th Nov
8th Nov Sat 12th Oct 29th Oct 8th Dec
6st Dec Sun 9th Nov 26st Nov 6th Jan. 2015

To apply for the HSK test.Registration & Payment is usually required 1 month before the testing date.

HSK Course 

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