There are over 20 experienced mandarin teachers at Mandarin Tree. Our team is made up by language teaching experts with years of professional experience, qualified management team and a group of young people with vigor and innovative spirit. We ensure that each student have one professional experienced teacher meanwhile we has a group of respectful language teaching experts and management elites which guarantees our team of both vigor and depth.

HEIDI  is one of the very excellent senior teachers in Mandarin Tree. She has been teaching for over 5 years, professional on Business Chinese course. She is Shanghainese and she enjoys travelling very much. So she always gives class with large amount of life information and humorous atmosphere. She has unique insights for learning language “Learning language is not only about speaking or writing, the most important, is culture.” These advantages make her receive consistent praise from students.

  NING is an outstanding mandarin teacher in Mandarin Tree, major in Chinese literature. She is a certified mandarin teacher from Taipei, Taiwan. She is good at teaching Business Chinese which she has devoted years of experience, especially business negotiation and business writing. She prepares lessons very well, giving targeted supplement for each student according to one's profession. Her high sense of responsibility makes she well received by the students.

Daisy is a very excellent mandarin teacher in Mandarin Tree. She has been a professional Mandarin teacher for a few years and excellent at Daily Life Chinese Course and Spoken Chinese. Her patience and warm and engaging personality enable the students to master Survival Chinese and become confident in short time. She prepares lessons very well making sure that the information has been retained and most importantly that it can be used in daily life. She is well-received by many students.

Qinqin is an outstanding mandarin teacher in Mandarin Tree, major in major in Chinese Linguistic Literature. She has been worked at Mandarin Tree for a few years and good at HSK and Advanced Chinese course training. She has a clear idea of teaching and pay attention to the differences between students. She always teach students in accordance with their aptitude. That’s why she is loved by the students from different countries. She receives consistent praise from students.

Xinyi is a very excellent teacher in Mandarin Tree. She has taught many students from 59 different countries. Her vivid language of instruction and teaching content with strong operability are very popular among students. She let every student participates in the class actively and She was proved to teach various of Chinese Course.

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