Mandarin Tree are very appreciated to our students’ recommendation. Now let’s share their stories with you and what they say:

since 10,2010 – Now

Target: HSK3-6

我发现Mandarin Tree是因为一个朋友告诉我这个学校的老师很不错。他是对的,我已经在这里学习了快3年了。印象最深的就是这里的老师非常专业; 第二,他们会根据学生的要求制定学习计划,老师也会根据我们的特点调整学习方法,这个非常有效果; 第三个方面是学校的气氛,Mandarin Tree的老师是很友好的,课后我们都是很好的朋友; 最后一个方面是他们的活动,除了上课以外也通过Mandarin Tree的活动可以继续学习更多的中国文化方面,更深的理解中国。
在Mandarin Tree学习了几年, 一环接一环的学习模式,让我学得很轻松!

since 07,2011 – 06,2012

Target : Daily Life Chinese Course

Mandarin tree school is great! The teachers are really friendly. The most important thing is that they always give you right training program based on my need and some useful skills to help you solve the language problem in short time. You will really feel that you are improving every time. It’s the most unforgettable and efficient learning experience!

07,2012 – 09,2012

Target: Survival Chinese Course

Hello, my name is Jessica and I really recommend the Mandarin Tree School. No matter you are a beginner or more advanced student, they always provide you with the most-suited course. Because I came to China for my holiday and planed some travel around China and the course is performed in accordance with students’ schedule, this is really convenient! If you want to learn Mandarin, go the the mandarin Tree, they have the best service!!!

since 07, 2011 – 01,2013

Target:  Intermediate 1--3

Mandarin tree has unique insights for learning language. They understand that activities like Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting and Taichi are fun and interesting way to learn more about Chinese culture and traditions. With the help of these culture lessons, I understand much more about Chinese and this beautiful country.

since 01, 2013 – Now

Target: Business Chinese

The teachers here are always well prepared. I have targeted exercise every time. This really helps me consolidate the key knowledge. The teacher makes me practice my oral skills a lot in a very fun way. I have an oral test quite often. And the professor will give you pieces of advice. That’s really helpful. I am very well satisfied.

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